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Many modern electronic devices come with WiFi capabilities. From computers to cell phones or game consoles, many of them can connect to the Internet or other devices wirelessly as long as they have a way to access a WiFi network. A wireless LAN router enables any wireless device in your home to use WiFi. According to Wi-Fi Planet, wireless LAN creates a WiFi access point for all of the wireless devices in your home. All you have to do to use the wireless LAN router is set it up with a DSL or cable modem.

  • Plug your wireless LAN router into a wall socket.
  • Plug the router into your DSL or cable modem using the Ethernet cord. Be sure to plug the Ethernet cord into the port that says “WLAN” on the router.
  • Move the wireless LAN router’s antenna into the upright position.
  • Turn on your computer or other wireless device’s WiFi capabilities.
  • Open your Internet browser or connect to other devices using the newly created WiFi network.

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Setting up a home network is no longer as expensive and tedious as it was several years ago.  The only thing necessary would be the understanding of the equipment.  Especially if you want to set up a wireless network, there are special equipments and setting them up is quite simple.

In this article, we will give you some of the important steps in setting up a wireless network, either at home or in your small office.

Steps to take in setting up a wireless network

Step 1.  Know what you need

If you need to link your computers into the Internet, printer or in other electronic gadgets, setting them up on a wireless network will be helpful.  Thus, you may want to be ready with all the equipments to be sure that you will set it up perfectly.

Here are some of the things that you need:

  • Broadband modem – this is necessary if you want to connect all your computers using only one Internet connection.
  • Wireless router – this is the communicator between the Internet connection and the computers.  It needs to be wireless or Wi-Fi type.  Other name for the wireless router is 802.11a, 80211b or 802.11g.
  • Computers with built in wireless adapter.  If your computer or laptop is quite old, you may have to check with the computer shop how to install the wireless adapter.

Step 2.  Connect your modem to the wireless router.

You have to unplug the broadband modem power cord.  Connect it to the wireless router and then plug the power cord back to the modem.

Step 3.  Configure the router.

Temporarily connect your computer to the router.  You may also need to check the manufacturer’s manual to help you in the configuration.  You have to be ready with the manufacturer’s manual or the installation disk.  For the computer, you may also need the Windows installation CD to make sure that you will be able to find the drivers that will be required by the router.

Step 4.  Configure all the computers

You have to configure all the computers that will connect to the router.  You may also need to set up the printer if you are sharing this with all the computers.  Plug them all in the router.  Before turning your computers on, you have to be sure that your network adapter is available in the computer.

As mentioned above, you may need to check with the computer shop if you are using an old computer or laptop.

Recently, most brand new laptops have the network adapter, but you have to be sure.  Thus, check with the computer shop first.

Step 5.  Test your network

Check your connections by searching for the wireless network.  If all is well, you can now start surfing, sharing data and printing from anywhere the house.

If there are technical difficulties, you may want to check with your local computer shop but usually, following the steps and being ready with the equipments will be all that you need.

Final note, it is recommended that you purchase routers and network adapters from the same manufacturer.  This is to ensure ease in set up.  Of course, if it is going to be costly for you, it may take a while but surely; you will be able to configure it even if they are of different manufacturers.

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