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Your patients depend on you as their healthcare provider.

Your IT shouldn't get in the way. PCSOFT can help improve your practice with personalized technology services. At PCSOFT, we have a thorough understanding of the strict privacy policies and mandated technology guidelines required for health practices to successfully move into the digital age.

The exchange of patient information between healthcare providers, insurers, patients, and other administrative entities requires regulated security standards. Don't let these regulations stunt your ability to utilize digital medical records. We can help you meet AGPAL  compliance standards to take advantage of modern technology and streamline your operations without adding overhead.

AGPAL Compliance

Staying within AGPAL  doesn't mean sacrificing technology to make your practice more agile.

Software, Communication, and Infrastructure Solutions

We manage your technology allowing you to operate with the agility you need.

Step away from the archaic file folder system and take advantage of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to speed up communication, delivery, security, and ensure your records are backed up.

PCSOFT is dedicated to guiding your practice to the digital age so you can utilize new technologies to assist you in your day-to-day challenges.

For more information about AGPAL compliance standards or other medical IT issues, contact PCSOFT at 02 98730080.


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