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Think All Your Data is Backed Up? Think Again

Think All Your Data is Backed Up? Think Again

Data backup is the glue that holds businesses together during difficult times. Despite this, many employees are still unclear on how the whole system works and what data gets backed up. Today, we want to explore this topic and clarify what typically occurs during the data backup process.

What Files Get Backed Up?

Employees often assume that their entire computer is backed up, but it’s not usually the case. The backup occurs for the server, meaning no two organizations will have the same backup experience. Generally speaking, the backup will occur for your network drive or another shared location.

That said, documents that are not stored on the server are not typically backed up if the system is not configured to do so. This includes files stored on desktops, My Documents, and Download folders. While people might believe these files get backed up, they usually are not, which can mean problems for your business if your team stores files in these locations.

If you ever need to know more about your company’s backup policies, you should consult your IT provider. They can tell you what is backed up and what is not.

Remember Your Business Apps and Data

Your server’s backup system is one thing to consider, but you must also learn more about the apps your business uses and their data policies. If employees use applications that are not backed up, it could become problematic, especially if the applications are not known to the company (a situation called shadow IT). If the data for these applications are not stored in a central location on your server, then it will not be backed up.

We recommend that you always confirm how the application backs up any data it uses or generates. This will help you avoid data loss in the future.

Understand Your Data Backup Solutions

Understanding file storage best practices and data backup solutions is your best bet to make the most of your own data backup tools. We recommend that you get a consultation from the IT professionals at PCSOFT. Learn more about how we can support your business by calling us today at 02 98730080.

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